Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

Living in a large house can often bring many new things to face. A drafty house means a cold one, and no one really wants to live in a cold house. And on the opposite side of that, a draft house means you lose a lot of heat or air in the respective months. And this can really start to eat at your electricity bill. A poorly insulated house can be a real hit to the wallet if it is not fixed in time. With summer around the corner, and winter behind us, spring is a great time to look into getting your house insulated properly. That means finding the right company to do all of the spray foam insulation that will ensure your home stays closed up to all outside weather elements.

Spray foam insulation is a much easier to install insulation form compared to the older styles of fiberglass insulation that was in sheets. Instead, the insulation is exactly like what it sounds like, it is sprayed into the walls or ceilings to insulate the home, without needing to be a certain size. That is because when sprayed into the wall, it will expand to fit the appropriate size of the wall cavity. The idea of this type of insulation is actually to make a better seal in the way, and make it more effective than older fiberglass sheets.

The majority of spray foam insulation that you see on the market today is made of Polyurethane. This material is applied in a few different ways, though most commonly it is done in a high pressure gun, where it is applied and then left to expand. You can have two types of installation done, either open cell or closed cell. They are both like how it sounds, where the open cell is more sponge like in appearance and will often be better for sound insulation and is better for indoor use. Closed cell application is denser and can be used outdoors on the roof. It can also be used indoors as well, so whatever type of installation you think is best, they both can be used inside your walls.

Properly installed spray foam insulation will bring you many great benefits to your home. For starters, you will see a reduction of all of your energy and heating bills. That is because, the spray foam can make a tighter seal in all of the walls or ceilings, including around windows, where air often escapes. This escaping air is the culprit of high heating bills in the winter and high electricity bills in the summer. It can actually help to insulate 50% better than homes with fiberglass insulation. Another great benefit to spray foam insulation is that it can help to protect your home from mold and mildew. That is because the spray insulation is much better at keeping out moisture in the walls of your home. This can help your family live a healthier life as there will be no mold spores floating around the house, and you can live without worrying about wood damage from mold inside the walls.

If you live somewhere that noise is really a problem, having spray foam insulation is also a good way of reducing that sound. Because it is dense and takes up all the needed space in a wall, it is a much more effective sound barrier than older fiberglass styles of insulation. It’s a great way of sound proofing a certain room in the house, or the entire house all together.

Your house deserves to have spray foam as the insulator over something else. When you see all of the wonderful things that it can actually bring you, you will wonder why you hadn’t looked into it before. The idea that you can significantly reduce your energy consumption in the house is just one major plus to getting this done in your home. You will find that when it is done properly, you will have lower bills, a better atmosphere to live in, and ultimately a quieter house to enjoy. Look into getting yourself set up with spray foam insulation to make your life and your house so much better.

If you are interested in getting your house done with spray foam insulation, let our professional team come out to your house and take a look. Insulation Logic can get you set up with all of the best quality insulation so your house will be fully insulated against the weather outside and the distracting noise coming from next door as well. Our team can get any part of your house insulated whenever you want it. Call now and get your free estimate appointment booked up. We will make sure to take care of your house and all of your insulation needs.