Roof insulation

Roof insulation

Proper roof insulation can go a long way in making your house able to hold in the temperatures as it should. When you get spray foam as your form of insulation, you will find that it is even better at holding in heat and cold air when it should. If you do not have good insulation, you can find that you pay way too much in energy bills, and you will end up having a drafty house. This is something that you do not want, and that is why you should look into good roof insulation, to keep your house as it should be. There are so many great things that can happen to you when you take the time to have a team come to your house to insulate your roof for you.

Many people think that the roof does not need to be insulated since it is at the top of the house and nowhere close to where you live on a daily basis. But it is actually important to have done, as you end up losing a lot of heat out of the roof, especially if your house is older. Older homes need to be insulated well as they are usually the culprits for being the draftiest of houses and therefore the ones that cost the most to maintain. Once you get proper insulation, you will not have to worry about it again.

Spray foam insulation is a much easier to install insulation form compared to the older styles of fiberglass insulation that comes in sheets that you must press into the wall cavities. Instead, the insulation is exactly like what it sounds like, it is sprayed into the walls or ceilings to insulate the home, without needing to be a certain size. When it is sprayed into your roof, it will take the necessary shape of the space it needs to take up, which will be better at insulating every single empty space that you have in your roof or in your walls.

Spray foam roof insulation today is made from Polyurethane. Depending on how densely you need it, it can be either open celled or closed celled in its makeup. If you need a lot of moisture proof insulation, you will want to go with the closed celled insulation. This is tightly packed and has fewer holes than open celled insulation. This means that your roof will not have a high chance of getting water inside of it, thus making it liable to mold and mildew. Roofs are usually made of wood and when you have a poorly insulated one, the water damage can be catastrophic. Good insulation will actually help you to prevent anything like this from happening.

Properly installed spray foam insulation will bring you many great benefits to your home. For starters, you will see a reduction of all of your energy and heating bills. That is because; the spray foam can make a tighter seal in your roof, where air often escapes through small cracks and windows. This escaping air is the culprit of high heating bills in the winter and high electricity bills in the summer. It can actually help to insulate 50% better than homes with fiberglass insulation. With the spray foam in your roof, you do not have to worry about any of this potentially happening to your house and your wallet.

If you have never thought properly about roof insulation, you will want to make sure you get a professional team to come to our house and look at your roof. Certain structures will work out better with certain insulation types, and you will want to make sure that everything that you would like done, is possible to do. A team of professional insulators can tell you just what to look forward to in your roof insulation and what kind of benefits you will find from it. Everyone knows that while you may have to put a little bit of money down to get it done, you will end up saving so much more in the long run. Why spend money to just throw it out the window on drafty houses with poor insulation? Proper roof insulation will give you peace of mind.

If you are interested in getting your house done with spray foam insulation, let our professional team come out to your house and take a look. Insulation Logic can get you set up with all of the best quality insulation so your house will be fully insulated against the weather outside and the distracting noise coming from next door as well. Our team can get any part of your house insulated whenever you want it. Call now and get your free estimate appointment booked up. We will make sure to take care of your house and all of your insulation needs.